Running Analysis

An efficient running technique, together with the correct footwear, is essential for improving performance and minimising injury.

At TriSport our qualified coaches provide analysis and coaching on running technique, footwear, posture and gait analysis.

In addition our coaches will also address questions such as:

  • During a duathlon/triathlon, how do you avoid that ‘dead leg’ sensation when you get off your bike ready for the run?
  • How should you best approach hills – uphill and downhill?
  • What is 'fire running' and how does it help improve my running cadence?
  • What do I do when I'm just 100m from the finish with nothing left to give?

Once your goals and objectives have been outlined, we can provide a specific coaching and drills programme to help improve your technique, efficiency and core strength.

If you are new to running or returning to the sport after injury, TriSport can help ease you back, with tailor made coaching and support, geared towards recovery, greater flexibility, strength and core stability. This could include general fitness coaching, Sports Massage therapy and stretching programmes to help make you fitter, stronger and ready to run.


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