Running with TriSport Coaching

Improving Your Technique

An efficient running technique, together with the correct footwear, is essential for improving performance and minimising injury.

At TriSport our qualified coaches provide analysis and coaching on running technique, footwear, posture and gait analysis.

Many aspiring triathletes come into the sport from a running background. Of the three disciplines, the run segment is probably the least technical. However the sensation of putting one foot in front of the other is very different when preceded by a bike ride of 20-180 km, and only remotely resembles the normally smooth flowing action of single sport running.

The unusual sensation is brought about by the circular action of cycling. Although the legs are the main limbs used in both the bike and run sections, the muscles in both the upper and lower leg contract in a different way when running.

By the time you get to run, you have already completed the swim and cycle, so the likelihood of fatigue being a limiting factor is higher in the running segment. The ability to overcome this fatigue, and to run quickly and efficiently at the same time, can be a major factor in successfully completing an event in an acceptable time.

Many triathlons are won and lost on the run sections of the course – not through lack of stamina, but through an inability to perform an efficient running style.

Drills are widely referred to in coaching sessions and are designed to develop and improve specific components of running action and technique.

There are no shortcuts to becoming a good Triathlon runner. Technique, speed, strength and mobility training, together with an awareness of the specific requirements of Triathlon running will lead to longer and faster performances. Our coaches can help you with all these aspects.

At TriSport we believe that the psychology of a triathlon is also important. After two legs of a triathlon, it is tempting to think "the race is almost over" as you commence the run. However, a far more positive and productive attitude to adopt is “the race has just begun”. This philosophy aids motivation and gives you more impetus and drive to succeed or gain those vital seconds required to win.


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